Your course

Planning your course

You will complete a Diagnostic Assessment at the beginning of the course so that together we can identify your strengths and weaknesses. I will then design and deliver a teaching programme to suit you.


How many lessons do you want?

A course can be 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of lessons a week. Lessons take place in the morning for all courses of 15 and 20 hours. Longer courses will carry on after the lunch break.

General English

Using information taken from your Diagnostic Assessment, we will work on a specially-designed teaching programme aimed at improving areas where you need more practice. During the lessons, you will learn communication skills in a wide range of everyday situations. The lessons will cover grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation skills, and practice in speaking, listening, reading and writing. We will use a wide variety of materials and exercises including role plays, authentic recorded material, newspapers and magazines. Emphasis is placed on fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation. We will practise language for everyday situations and classes may involve discussing topics such as film and theatre, current events, politics, local culture and the internet.

Camden Lodge School of English has recently set up a collaboration with Education Matters to offer courses for English for Professionals and English for Musicians.

Whatever you want to achieve in learning professional English, Education Matters will help. If you want to learn about the British culture or you want to improve your professional communication, they give you the opportunity to do so. Most importantly, they can support your linguistic needs whatever they may be. They have wealth of experience in teaching professional adults. They will support both your linguistic and your professional needs.

They also offer English for those wanting to learn an instrument and who wish to improve their English alongside their music. Education Matters can offer a range of specialist musical tuition.  They have a range of teachers who are either English specialists who can support your music (mostly musicians) or music specialists who can support your English.

If you require further information please contact them at

Business English

As well as dealing with the areas covered in the General English course, you have the opportunity to study Business English. This includes using the telephone effectively, specialist vocabulary, improving social interaction and conversation. We would also look at the most effective way of writing emails and business letters.

Examination Preparation

If you are studying for a specific examination, then we can prepare for this together. I can offer you exam support for the following exams:

Cambridge Business Preliminary
Cambridge Business Vantage
Cambridge Business Higher
Cambridge Preliminary English Test
Cambridge First Certificate in English
Cambridge Advanced English Cambridge Proficiency in English


At the end of the course, you will be given a report of lessons covered, achievement made and recommendations for further study so you can continue learning when you get home. You will also receive a Certificate of Study and a full course report.

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